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Our mission is to make sure that you know what is going on in your grow room – no matter where you are. Access to your historical data helps you grow better, and reliable notifications will let you know if anything goes wrong.

What is Pulse

Grow monitoring.

Pulse One

The Pulse One is a smart grow room monitor. It connects to your wifi through the app. Once connected, you place it in your grow room and start monitoring your grow's temperature, humidity, light, and VPD.

Pulse App

The Pulse App is what you use to manage your Pulse One device. You can use the app on any internet connected device - phone, computer, or tablet - without having to download anything. It lets you see real time conditions and historical data from your grow. You also use the app to set up thresholds for alerts, modify notification settings.

Our Users Say

The hype is real.


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"We love having a birds eye view of our entire operation with a quick glance. It also helps us ensure everything is stable so we can guarantee the highest quality product every harvest."


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"I tried other remote monitors with no luck. It took me two minutes to setup my device and it's been running great ever since!"


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"I started out with one in our bloom room and the data was super interesting. Now we use it to keep track of many parts of my grow like A/C efficiency to drying area conditions."

Pulse Tracks

The essentials.


For robust growth, plants need specific and consistent temperatures throughout the day and night. Even moderate fluctuations at any stage of growth can significantly impact yield and overall quality of your harvest.


Maintaining ideal relative humidity (RH) promotes the absorption of nutrients and overall plant health. Too high invites mold and fungal disease, too low will stress the plants by allowing them to spend excessive energy pumping water through their tissue into the air.


The sweetspot vapor pressure deficit lets your plants breathe more, causing them to drink more, and increasing nutrient uptake. Dialing this in will lead to high yields.


Ensure that your daylight hours match your stage of growth. The correct light cycle is key to triggering the flowering stage. Stray light during flowering leads to worse yields.

Power & Connectivity
Power & Connectivity

You can also lose your crop if your drippers, fans, or timers are disabled for even a few hours due to a power outage. Don't let your efforts go to waste.

Purpose Built

Designed for you.

Expert Tools

Analyze your historical data - identifying trends and optimal conditions to boost your yields.

Stay organized by logging events in an integrated grow journal.

Stay Informed

Access your grow room's data from anywhere with internet.

Get notifications when something goes wrong.


Our app is built with a focus on simple setup and ease of use.

Get started quickly with our expert-grower recommended settings.

Secure and Private

We exceed industry standards to keep your data safe and private.

Our IoT platform is built from the start for robust security.


Customize thresholds, light cycles, and notifications.

Both battery and wall powered – choose what works for you.

No Base Station Needed

There's no need to purchase an additional base station.

Each Pulse One contains it's own WiFi IoT module.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping in the continental US with every purchase.

Made in the USA
Pulse is designed in Venice Beach, California, and assembled using components that are made in the USA.

Get ready for the future of growing.