About Pulse Labs

The Mission

Our mission is to make growing safe, simple, and worry free for growers of any size.
We work every day to create the best monitoring tools and sensors on the market. We want growers to be empowered by their data, and to rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong in one of their grows, they'll know about it and be able to fix before any damage is done.
We believe that these types of tools should be simple to use, and accessible for every grower.

The Team

Chris Tosi

Co-Founder and CEO

Green Thumb
Blackberry, FreshPlum, GrooveShark

Peter Koverda

Co-Founder and CTO

Keyboard Jockey
Winc, IBM, ExxonMobil

Matt Thelen

General Counsel

Fun Police
Winc, Ocean Tomo, CCM+S